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leadership. we are not elected to fix the problems of washington. the members of congress are elected to do that. we are here as a resource for people in our states. >> was he receptive? >> in our case, who talked about this the other day as an association. we thought it was imperative to focus on things that unite us. that is what we focus on. >> the implementation of the president's health care law, and how that could affect medicare cuts? >> no specific discussion. >> there was no specific discussion of how the new health plan will affect medicare or will affect the economy. there is no specific discussion on that. there was not any lengthy discussion on the establishment of the exchanges. the focus was on what has just been reported. that is, the states are willing to share the sacrifice. we do not want to take it all, but we are willing to do our part. we do not need shifting. we do not need cuts on the federal level that merely require tax increases on the state level. there was a unity by all of these governments -- all of these governors. the goal was not to get specific on any area
by fear, and no elected official likes to go back and talk to people about having raised their taxes. you can see that in things that though middle class is always accepted by both sides of the -- is always exempted by both sides of the aisle, which has nothing to do with policy, just with a big group of constituents? >> where you want to tell them they are going to be ok. all this conversation, and i am not a tax policy expert, is very abstract. these are people sitting around, talking about these policy issues. if you stop somebody in the aisle of walmart and talk to them about taxes, there is nothing said here that is the least bit persuasive to them in the process. when i was mayor and raised property taxes twice as governor, raised taxes once, we had a conservative state, and the way i got it down was always -- got it done was always to tie it very specifically to something that they can make a judgment about. as mayor -- i want to build schools in these locations on this schedule, i want to build a new arena or something like that. do not give me any new taxes and i will keep runnin
. >> will there be any deal to raise the tops -- top tax rates? >> we ran an election on that issue. we campaigned on a and the american people are for it. there are large numbers of republicans for it. the logic here is very, very simple -- speaker behner should go to the top rate or if he does not want to, he can simply tell the members of his caucus if you want to sign the discharge petition, there is no recrimination on our side. and we will get the first major down payment on which we know has the support of the majority of the american people and the majority of both houses in the congress and then we can move forward and go to the next step. the bottom line is very simple -- we think the top rate going to 39.6% is the way to go and we are seeing lots of movement on the republican side in that direction. we think that is the way to go. >> [inaudible] would the republicans have the upper hand? >> i don't see how that is the case at all. it is very clear to the american people that we will come together on the middle-class tax cuts and get them extended. there are a range of other issues. as w
just had an election. the people overwhelmingly know why we have this debt. the polling right before the election showed that the vast majority of the american people realize that the debt was caused by george bush. that is a fact. mr. president, we have another judge report coming out tomorrow here we have a little problem because of what happened with hurricane sandy. but we will still have about 100,000 new jobs. we are approaching about 4 million jobs now that have been created. that does not merely make up for what was lost during the bush years, but we are making progress. people in america realize we cannot have a top-down economy that the republicans so glove during the bush years and they wanted to create begin with governor romney. mr. president, i would be happy to take -- and they want to have again beginning with governor romney. mr. president, i would be happy to take a look at the proposal. if that is what they want to do, i would be happy to seriously take a look at that and report to the white house and my caucus. but until then, i object. -- r. president >> that has
vice president of the united states. [applause] though i wish this election turned out a little differently, i am proud of a campaign has mitt romney and i ran. he would have been a great president. it would have been an honor to serve at his side. we gave this race our all. i am grateful for the nomination. i have to say, it is thrilling when your team trusts you with a ball. it is humbling when you advance the ball as far as you can only to come up a little short. the redskins did not find that out on sunday. the giants did. it is one of those humbling experiences that is a great lesson. losing is part of politics. it can often prepare the way for greater victories. jack kemp could be counted upon to " charge chill. failure is not fatal. it is the courage to continue that counts. this work goes on. the jack kemp legacy continues on. we need to continue on fighting for the american idea, the believe everyone should have the opportunity to rise, to escape from poverty and achieve whatever you're god-given calends enable you to achieve. -- talents enable you to achieve. for too m
that, welcome again, mr. secretary. just days after the president's re-election, the f.h.a. released its 2012 actuarial report which revealed that the economic value of the f.h.a. fund has fallen to negative $16 billion. a lot of money. that means the fund's capital reserve ratio, as i understand it, now stands at a negative 1.44%. this news is obviously very disturbing to us and to the secretary. for those of us who have long been concerned about the health of the f.h.a. for years the problems of the federal housing administration have been well-known. during the housing boom, the f.h.a. unwisely, i thought, guaranteed millions of risky mortgages with low down payments to borrowers with poor credit scores. we are reaping that now. these mortgages have resulted in billions of losses to the f.h.a. the federal housing administration has made matters worse, i think, by failing to come to grips with the magnitude, mr. secretary, of the problems. back in 2007, as the federal housing administration's poor financial position was becoming clear to all, including right here in this committee,
a lot of leverage. i was a newly elected governor, i had a lot of political leverage and for various reasons i will not bore you with had the upper hand in the negotiations. i put the pedal to the metal. i won that round. however, the ill will that came from pushing to the other side was so strong that years later legislative leaders remembered how difficult that negotiation was and how unreasonable in their mind i was. we were still talking about payback six and seven years later in future negotiations. i share that -- as you think about not just this moment but the relationship between the congress and the president going forward. it is unclear whether there is enough republicans to support or even consider the rate increase generally, but at the very least i think they would want to see not just that question, but they would want to see what does it come with. i describe it as the two wings of the plane. people are working on one side, but not much discussion on the entitlement and structural spending reduction wing. republicans have put revenues on the table. there are lots of di
was surrounded by his family. right before the election in texas where he was completely knowledgeable of everything that was going on, he had the courage to pass the crime bill that had the assault weapons ban. it took courage and he paid a price for doing the right thing. another member of our leadership came after mr. brooks left us, but we all share a great pride to call him colleague. and his family in beaumont texas and his many fans throughout the country and in this congress. thank you all very much. >> senate democrats are urging house republicans to pass the middle-class tax cut. this is a little more than 20 minutes. >> we're here to encourage the leadership to take up the bill that we passed on july 25 that would continue and make sure that taxpayers have tax cuts and we have 27 days left before middle-class families see a tax hike that will average $2,200 a family. and when folks are getting ready for christmas, they tried to get the toys out of layaway so that children have what they want to give them for christmas and they are getting ready for the new year, families nee
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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